Battle for Zendikar

Battle for Zendikar spoilers have started! Pre-order a booster box today for $94.95. Battle for Zendikar will release on October 3rd, 2015.

Inception Football

2015 Topps Inception Football cards. $94.95 a box.

Comic & Toy Show

Our booth at the Comic & Toy Show at Hara Arena.

Throwback Thursday

Sweet Christmas, It’s time for another Throwback Thursday at Mavericks! This week we’re looking at one of the great key Marvel issues from the beginning of the Bronze Age (1970-1983), Hero for Hire #1!

Carl Lucas is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He volunteers for an experiment that gives him superhuman strength and unbreakable skin, and he uses those abilities to escape. He takes on the alias Luke Cage and uses his abilities for profit, becoming the Hero for Hire!

Cage would later adopt the code name of Power Man and teamed up with Iron Fist through the late 70′s and 80′s for one of the longest running “odd couple” pairings in comic history. Writer Brian Michael Bendis reintroduced Cage to modern audiences in the 2000′s, first as a supporting character in Alias, and later as a member, and eventually leader of, The New Avengers.

Fun fact: Comic book fan and actor Nicholas Cage, who was born Nicholas Coppola, took “Cage” as his stage name because he wanted to avoid any appearance of favoritism from his uncle, famous director Francis Ford Coppola.

Luke Cage will soon appear on small screens everywhere, first as a supporting character in Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones series which premieres this fall, followed by his own headlining series on Netflix early next year.

Get the book that started it all at Mavericks! We have a VG 4.0 copy on display in our back issue case for $109.95! We’ll also have a copy available this Saturday at our table the Jim & Dan Promotions comic book show at Hara Arena!

See you next week for another fun-filled Mavericks Throwback Thursday!

BOOM! (8/26/2015)

Chunk of new BOOM! comics just released. Adventure Time #43, Big Trouble in Little China #15, and Over the Garden Wall #1.

IDW (8/26/2015)

Some of the IDW titles in this week’s batch. Godzilla in Hell #2, Ragnarök #6, and Ghostbusters: Get Real #3.

Dark Horse (8/26/2015)

A few of the new books released from Dark Horse. Conan the Avenger #17, Fight Club 2 #4, and Past Aways #6.

Marvel (8/26/2015)

Chunk of new Marvel comics released today. Old Man Logan #4, Spider-Woman #10, and Lando #3.

DC Comics (8/26/2015)

Some of the DC titles in this week’s batch. Superman #43, Batgirl #43, and The Flash #43.

Image (8/26/2015)

A few of the new books released from Image Comics today. Sons of the Devil #4, Rumble #6, and Spawn #255.