Titan (6/29/2016)

Chunk of new Titan Comics released today. Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor #7, Penny Dreadful #2, and Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor #3.

IDW (6/29/2016)

Some of the IDW titles in this week’s batch. Judge Dredd #7, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas #2, and Jem and the Holograms #16.

Dark Horse (6/29/2016)

A few of the new books just released from Dark Horse. Cryptocracy #1, Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters of Midtown #2, and Mae #2.

Marvel (6/29/2016)

Chunk of new Marvel comics released today. Black Panther #3, Mockingbird #4, and Spider-Man #5.

DC Comics (6/29/2016)

Some of the DC titles in this week’s batch. Legend of Wonder Woman #7, Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5, and Teen Titans Annual #2.

Image (6/29/2016)

A few of the new books released from Image Comics today. Plutona #5, Empty Zone #9, and Sons of the Devil #8.

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