Rinko Iori

Rinko Iori, Gundam Girls Generation figure. $84.95

Throwback Thursday

It’s time for another Mavericks Throwback Thursday! This week we’re showcasing those ’80s trading card classics, Garbage Pail Kids!

Did you know that these classic takeoffs on the popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were originally conceived by Art Spiegelman? Yep, the very same Art Spiegelman who won a Pulitzer Prize for his classic graphic novel “Maus!”

Mavericks just acquired a collection of several hundred vintage Garbage Pail Kids, which we’re selling at the low price of 10ยข each! You’ll find them on top of the dice case in the middle of the store. Come in and complete (or start) your collection today!

Dynamite (5/20/2015)

A few of the new books released from Dynamite. Vampirella #12, Shaft #6, and Jungle Girl: Season Three #2.

BOOM! (5/20/2015)

Chunk of new BOOM! comics just released. UFOlogy #2, Hexed #10, and Sons of Anarchy #21.

IDW (5/20/2015)

Some of the IDW titles in this week’s batch. Insufferable #1, Transformers #41, and Jem and the Holograms #3.

Dark Horse (5/20/2015)

A few of the new books released from Dark Horse. Archie vs. Predator #2, Ei8ht #4, and Usagi Yojimbo #145.

Marvel (5/20/2015)

Chunk of new Marvel comics released today. Planet Hulk #1, Wolverines #19, and A-Force #1.

DC Comics (5/20/2015)

Some of the DC titles in this week’s batch. Convergence: Wonder Woman #2, Convergence: Hawkman #2, and Convergence: Swamp Thing #2.

Image (5/20/2015)

A few of the new books released from Image Comics today. Spawn #252, Kaptara #2, and Wytches #6.

Friday Night Magic

We are happy to announce Friday Night Magic! Starting June 5th, 2015. This will be in addition to our normally scheduled Thursday Night Magic. It will start at 7:00 pm and we will feature both Standard and Modern formats. More details will be announced soon.